Front Office


The customer service reps are responsible for receiving incoming patients, scheduling, and monitoring insurance coverage from your particular provider. Our friendly and cooperative staff will be happy to assist you in explaining your benefits as they relate to rehab services, any monetary obligations per your individual plan, and any other coverage limitations. In addition, they are able to work with you in scheduling your appointments in a timely and efficient manner within the parameters of our clinical operating hours. They are a vital resource to NMSF&PT in maintaining patient relations and ensuring continuity of care.


  • Theresa Beltran
  • Faye Barela
  • Alix Jeantete
  • Jax Armijo

Billing Office


Our in-house billing staff provides an opportunity for us to monitor proper conformity to rule changes in provider re-imbursements, documentation standards of clinical services rendered, and adjudication of clinical episodes of care. They can expertly assist you in an explanation of your final bill or refund due post closing with your insurance provider and your individual plan benefits. Our patient and cooperative unit will assist you in meeting any post rehab monetary obligations, conflicts or provide further explanations of the complications which can cause confusion as it relates to health care coverage in general.


  • Monica Maes
  • Dino Pino
  • Claudine Romero-Collignon

Therapy Techs


Our therapy techs perform many vital services as an extension of your therapy care. They are responsible for monitoring and instructing patients through the prescribed exercises from your attending therapist. They are also able to relay pertinent information regarding responses to treatment from the patient to the supervising therapist. In addition, they are skilled in the administration of pain-relieving and treatment modalities to further assist the therapist in promoting the most optimal therapeutic outcome. The techs are an invaluable resource to the therapists here at NMSFPT, as well as providing a re-assuring and encouraging voice for the therapist as they progress you through your post-manual treatment.


  • Ricardo Martinez
  • Carolina Gonzalez
  • Daniel Salvidrez
  • Geniziz Rodriguez
  • Lanz Sanchez
  • Andrew Leonhardt
  • Marissa Romero

P. +1 (505) 424-0131

F. +1 (505) 424-1299